Whitman Guide Book of Peace Dollars 2nd Ed. by Roger W. Burdette
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Guide Book of Peace Dollars - Red Book, 3rd Edition This official red book of Peace Dollars covers from 1921 through 1935. The author explores these fascinating and collectible coins, covering every date and mint-mark of America's last 90% silver. Burdette explores the origins and history of the Peace Dollar (including the American Numismatic Association's involvement), early designs and casts, the coin's production process, ways to collect, preservation, the market effect of hoards and meltings, and unusual examples. He also studies the mysterious 1964-D Peace Dollar, as well as proofs, patterns, trail pieces, errors and misstrikes, countermarks, die varieties and famous collections. Features include a coin-by-coin analysis with market values and certified population data, biographies of key participants in the Peace Dollar's story, Van Allen-Mallis numbers, a bibliography and more. Roger W. Burdette, Edition: 3rd, Binding: Paperback, Pages: 288, A great gift idea for any coin collector!

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Whitman Guide Book of Peace Dollars 3rd Ed. by Roger W. Burdette

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