Nic-A-Spray 16oz Coin Cleaner Works Best on Silver & Gold Coins
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Nic-A-Spray Coin Cleaner, 16oz bottle. Formulated to clean circulated and uncirculated coins. Removes tarnish, prints, soiled conditions. This solution works best on silver and gold coins. Circulated Coins-Apply a few drops of spray. Brush in a curcular motion with Nic-A-Brush until coins reach desired brilliance. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry with Nic-A-Rag (Do Not Rub). Wash hands with water. Proof and uncirculated coins - to remove tarnish, apply spray until coin is completely saturated. Rinse & dry same way as with circulated coins. Repeat if necessary. Please note that cleaning coins may decrease their value. We advise you to contact a numismatic professional prior to using any chemical or cleaning product on a coin. If assured that using the product will not adversely impact the coin, follow the instructions precisely and exercise extreme caution. Description: Coin Cleaner, Size: 16oz Bottle, Cleans Gold & Silver Coins, Formulated: Circulated and Uncirculated Coins, Removes: Tarnish, prints & soiled conditions. A great gift idea for any coin collector!

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Nic-A-Spray 16oz Coin Cleaner Works Best on Silver & Gold Coins

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