Money of the Bible, 3rd Edition, item number 21081
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The 3rd edition of Money of the Bible is updated with new photographs and additional research by one of the most famous numismatic historians of our time, Kenneth Bressett. The book studies how the Bible was written, and its nature; commerce before coins; coins of Old Testament times; coins in the New Testament; first-century money and trade; coins mentioned in Jesus' parables and lessons; coins and the Passion of Christ; the beginning of Christianity; coins with Biblical themes; and how to collect Biblical coins. A foreword by Dr. Paul Rynearson and a detailed index round out the text and full-color photographs. Hardcover, 114 pages, Coffee-table format (10x12 inches). The first edition was winner of the Best Specialized Book, World Coins by the Numismatic Literary Guild.

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Money of the Bible, 3rd Edition

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