Mercury Dimes Coin Folder 1916-1945 by H.E. Harris
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H.E. Harris folder holds Mercury Dimes from 1916 to 1945 along with history on the inside flap. This is a tri-fold folder that opens flat for all at once viewing with a total of 75 openings, then closes to book size for easy storage. The number of coins minted and year is printed below each opening of this folder. All H.E. Harris folders are made of acid-free materials for the protection and storage of your coins. The holes in this folder have a special LOCK-IN feature. But first, a word of caution: always hold a coin by the edge and never touch its obverse or reverse. We recommend you wear gloves when pressing your coins into place. Now that you are ready, simply place the coin with one edge tipped into the hole, and then press the high edge downward and toward the lowered edge (slantwise). Feel the snap? It's locked in! The Mercury Dime does not actually depict Mercury, the winged messenger of the Greek gods, but rather Liberty, whose winged cap symbolizes freedom of thought. The coin is more properly called the "Winged Liberty Head" Dime. No Mercury dimes were produced in 1922, 1932, or 1933.
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Mercury Dimes Coin Folder 1916-1945 by H.E. Harris

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