Indian Nickel No Rim Cut Coin Necklace
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Indian Head Nickel No Rim The fine and delicate ancient art of coin piercing was originated in the 16th century by noblemen for their true loves. This charming jewelry crafted from authentic coins makes a truly exquisite custom-made gift for him or her! These pieces are commonly referred to as Buffalo (usually) or Indian Head nickels. In the very first year of issue, 1913,there had been two different varieties, the very first showing the bison upon a mound, additionally the second having the platform revised to a thinner, straight line. James Earle Fraser created this nickel, employing 3 (three) various Native Americans as models. His initial F is underneath the date. The bison was allegedly modeled after Black Diamond inside the New York Central Park Zoo. Matte Proof coins had been produced for collectors from 1913 to 1916. The Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel was a copper-nickel five-cent piece minted by the U.S. Mint from 1913 to 1938. It was created by sculptor James Earle Fraser. As an important element of a drive to enhance the appearance of the coinage, 5 (five) denominations of United States coins had attained new designs within 1907 and 1909. In 1911, the Taft administration officials made the decision to remove and replace Charles E. Barber's Liberty Head design for the nickel, and commissioned Fraser to complete the work. They had been astonished by Fraser's layouts showing a Native American and an American bison. The designs were to of been approved in 1912, but had been stalled many months as a result of objections from the Hobbs Manufacturing Company, who in turn produced mechanisms to detect slugs in nickel-operated machines. The business firm was not satisfied by modifications fabricated within the coin by Fraser, and in February 1913, Treasury Secretary Franklin MacVeagh made the decision to release the coins despite the presence of the objections. No matter what attempts by the Mint to fine-tune the design, the coins were proven to strike indistinctly, and to become subject to wear the dates had been easily worn away in circulation. In 1938, succeeding the minimum 25-year period during which the design could not be replaced without having the need of congressional authorization had expired, it was replaced by the Jefferson nickel designed by Felix Schlag.
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Indian Nickel No Rim Cut Coin Necklace

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