Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861 3rd Ed. Zyrus Press
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The Charlotte Mint operated from 1838 to 1861, producing Gold dollars, Quarter eagles and Half eagles, among others. Today these gold coins are among the rarest and most sought after coins minted in the United States. This third edition of Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint: 1838-1861 is updated with the latest mintage figures, rarity rankings, significant pieces known and auction records. Filled with rich and bold colors, all images are printed in a high resolution format for sharp details, including close-up images for the newly added die variety section. Every one of Douglas Winter's books enjoy instant recognition as the standard reference for the series, and his book is no exception. In a formar that is easy to follow, this book is the perfect tool for the casual and serious collector seeking to buy and sell Charlotte gold coins with confidence and knowledge. Description: Brand: Zyrus Press,Douglas Winter,Pub Date: 2008,Binding: Paperback,Pages: 196,Size: 7 x 10,Color: Green,Qty: 1,ISBN: 9781933990194, A great gift idea for any Coin Collector!
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Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861 3rd Ed. Zyrus Press

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