Collecting Sports Legends Ultimate Hobby Guide by Joe Orlando
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This comprehensive guide takes the reader on a journey through history, providing an in-depth look at the icons of sport, captured through their greatest collectibles. Composed by the leading experts in the field, never before has one book covered such a variety of hobby subjects. For those interested in building a fine collection of sports memorabilia, from trading cards to autographs to game-used bats and more, each subject is covered in great detail. Within each chapter, the best of the best has been selected by the experts. Whether you are a hardcore collector or just an avid sports fan, this book not only helps bring the legends of sport to life but it provides crucial tips on how to assemble a world class collection. From Babe Ruth to Tiger Woods, from Wilt Chamberlain to Joe Namath, every major sport is covered. This book contains hundreds of sports memorabilia images, including many of the finest examples in the world. Description: Brand: Zyrus Press,Joe Orlando,Binding: Hardbound,Pages: 375,Size: 10 x 12,Qty: 1,ISBN: 9781933990217, A great gift idea for any Sports Collector!

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Collecting Sports Legends Ultimate Hobby Guide by Joe Orlando

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