Collecting & Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins Jeff Ambio
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Gold. The long-term ownership or even short-term possession of this precious metal has served as a universal indicator of wealth, power and prestige for centuries. What was true for kings, government and titans of industry throughout the ages is also true for numismatics in the 21st century. In this definitive Strategy Guide Series, numismatic expert Jeff Ambio offers a road map to smart collecting and investing in United States gold coins. Covering all regular gold issues from 1795 to 1933, Ambio oulines hundreds of tips and strategies well-known to the experts. His thorough approach includes information essential to building the ultimate collection, including details on rarity, important coin attributes and vital pricing data with over 150 full color images and graphs. Description: Brand: Zyrus Press,Jeff Ambio,Pub Date: 2008,Binding: Paperback,Pages: 343,Size: 7 x 10,Qty: 1,ISBN: 9781933990101, A great gift idea for any Coin Collector!

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Collecting & Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins Jeff Ambio

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