These 2x2 snap tight coin holders are intended for premium long-term archival storage or display of your coins. Made of inert high quality, crystal clear polystyrene is 100% archival plastic holder that will not harm coins. Insert is double sided that shows either black or white (which can be written on for labeling purposes). They fit in standard 2x2 boxes for easy storage.


Polystyrene Plastic
Black/White foam insert
Size: 2 x 2
Denomination: Large Dollar 38.5mm
Qty: 25 per box
UPC: 722626803703
Coins NOT Included!

    2 x 2 x 1/4"

A great gift idea for any coin collector!

  • Item #: 21002
  • Condition: New

BCW 2x2 Premium Snaplock Coin Holders Large Dollar 38.5mm 25pk

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